Ozarks Technical Community College Transfer 2+2 Plan

Transfer 2+2 Plans let you start with the end in mind

Start planning for your transfer to MSU now

Prepare for a seamless transition from associate’s degree to an MSU bachelor’s degree by using a Transfer 2+2 Plan.

Do you already know what your major will be? Check to see if there is a Transfer 2+2 Plan for your major. That will assist in planning your courses each semester. Talk to your community college advisor about how to use this plan to guide your course selection.

Don't see a plan listed for your major? Review general education information and associate degree requirements on your community college website. Contact an MSU major advisors with questions.

Transferring soon?

Talk to us. We’ve got resources to help you make the most of the transfer experience.

Find your plan

If you enter Missouri State having completed an Associate of Arts degree or the Missouri 42 credit hour general education block (Core 42), you will have met our general education requirements.

This information is provided as a guide only. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their major-specific MSU transfer advisor early in their education to discuss the most appropriate coursework for their intended MSU major, MSU degree requirements, etc.

Need Assistance? We can help.

Located in OTC Student Services, on both the Springfield and Richwood Valley campuses, the MSU information desk is a great resource for learning more about transferring to Missouri State. Our OTC-MSU transfer specialist, Donna Rebmann, is on the Springfield campus every day and at Richwood Valley on Thursday morning.

Visit with Donna Rebmann at the start and throughout your OTC education to discuss MSU degree requirements, specific OTC courses that will transfer and help meet your intended MSU major, transfer scholarships, the application process and more.

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Tips from the help desk

  • You can apply to Missouri State up to a year in advance.
  • Planning to start in summer or fall? Apply by February of your last semester at OTC.
  • Planning to start in spring? Apply by September of your last semester at OTC.
  • Review our academic scholarship deadlines.
  • Establish a relationship with an OTC advisor and with an MSU advisor in your desired academic program.

Registration at MSU

As a transfer friendly institution, new transfer students are allowed to register with current MSU students based on the number of credit hours completed in transfer.