Resources for Ozark Technical Community Transfer Students

A unique partnership between Missouri State University and Ozarks Technical Community College offers established Transfer 2+2 Plans, opportunities to get involved on MSU's campus prior to transferring, and assistance by the OTC-MSU Transfer Specialist located on OTC's campus.

As an OTC student, you can access thousands of books, great academic resources, and more.
Purchase discounted tickets and cheer on the Bears.
Complete all the requirements of Army officer training while simultaneously attending college and earning your degree.
If you live with an MSU student/FRC member, you may purchase a monthly membership. Day passes are also available if attending with an MSU student/FRC member.
Many OTC students are part of our award-winning band!
While some campus organizations require you to be a current MSU student, many are available for OTC students before transferring!
Learn more about the various MSU majors available, career opportunities, degree requirements and interact with MSU faculty and staff in a relaxed atmosphere.

OTC Transfer Degree Guides

A Transfer Degree Guide is an advising resource. It lists all OTC classes that directly transfer to MSU and meet a degree requirement. You can use this resource when you meet with your OTC advisor.