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"The Nutrition Talks presentation on Inflammation In The Body was interesting and informative. A lot of information was covered in a short time, so I was thankful for the printout for review. Thank you!"

I highly recommend Mindfulness and Meditation classes, parts I, II, and beyond. It is not an instant cure all, but sure does set you on an incredibly worthwhile path toward attaining that.  Learning these practices is one of the biggest favors I have ever done for myself, and I will strive to deepen my implementation of them for the rest of my life. Pat’s own life is a tremendous testament to what is possible. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

"Taking Tai Chi classes has improved my balance,  stability, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and is a great stress reliever."

"I've seen improvements in balance, coordination, stress reduction, and increased self esteem since participating in Tai Chi classes."

"Since attending yoga classes, I've experienced fewer back and neck strains, reduced stressed, increased flexibility, and get the chance to network with other MSU staff from different departments."

"My mental health is improved by taking time out of the busy work week and getting to focus on my physical and mental health at yoga by breathing, re-focusing, and also getting in a workout. I have an infant at home so working out at home or at a gym is nearly impossible."

'It might sound like an exaggeration, but I feel like learning Mindfulness and Meditation has saved my life. So many times I have felt like things were moving in a circle so fast that if I let my guard down for even a minute, I would spin out of control. Now I practice daily meditation and mindfulness and I am beginning to calm down, and to breathe and to focus.  Those closest to me can see the difference and I can certainly feel the difference."   

"I can feel a significant difference in my neck and back on weeks when I attend vs. miss yoga class. I know it contributes to my full body wellness and it's truly appreciated."

"The Maroon Moves Walking Challenge was an experience that motivated me and nurtured community in our department as we teased and encouraged each other in our step goals!"

"Prior to Maroon Moves I struggled to get 7,500 steps per day and I thought 10,000 was nearly impossible. Now I know I can hit 10,000 steps daily, it just takes a lot of work. But it is encouraging to know I can do it if I just put forth the intentional effort! Thanks for the challenge!"