Mental Health


Anxiety Management

Did you know anxiety is the most common mental health problem in the United States? Nearly 1 out of 5 persons can be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder each year. Beyond that, virtually everyone experiences anxiety on various occasions. Whether your anxiety is great or small, general or specific, this workshop is for you!

Watch this 4-part workshop series in which you will learn and practice surprisingly simple and effective strategies for reducing anxiety and experiencing peace. Various therapeutic approaches will be explored. 

We highly recommend you watch all 4 sessions!

Instructor: Austin Boon, licensed professional counselor employed at Magers Health and Wellness Center.

Virtual Workshop

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Part 1 - Disclaimers and Advantages of Anxiety

Part 2 - Anxiety and Relationships

Part 3 - Behavioral Strategies for Anxiety & Stress

Part 4 - Cognitive Strategies for Anxiety


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