Wellness Incentive

Flu Vaccination and Educational Questionaire

Save up to $360 on your annual health insurance premiums!

To prevent/reduce the impact Flu on our workforce, the 2024 wellness incentive includes the following  combination:

  • Educational "Did You Know" Questionnaire: Qualifies for $15 per month discount
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccination Shot: qualifies for $15 per month discount
    • Flu vaccination should be received by employee between August 1, 2023, and December 1, 2023.
    • Employees who received vaccinations by a provider outside of Magers health, must report the appropriate documentation to Magers and have their medical immunization record updated to receive credit. You may bring the documents to the center or email them to MagersMedicalRecords@MissouriState.edu
  • Total discount is $30 monthly when both activities are completed. 

Who Qualifies?

Flu Vaccinations are available to all employees, full- or part-time, and members of their household; provided at no cost to the employee. By participating in the wellness activity, health care plan members can save up to $360 per year on their premiums for the 2023 plan year.
  • Individuals who are seeking a disability or religious accommodation related to vaccinations must contact the Deputy compliance Officer, JuliaHolmes@MissouriState.edu or 417-836-6755, no later than November 1, 2023, to initiate the interactive accommodations process.

    • New accommodation request must be made, regardless of prior year approval.
    • Individuals where an accommodation is determined to be appropriate will be required to complete a biometric screening in lieu of a vaccination(s) to qualify for the wellness incentive discount.
      • Biometric screening must be received by employee between 1/1/23 and 12/1/23. Employees who receive screening/labs outside of Magers health, must report the appropriate documentation to Magers and have their medical record updated to receive credit.
    • Biometric screening includes:
      • venipuncture (arm) blood draw for lipid panel and hemoglobin A1c (average blood sugar over last 3 months)
      • blood pressure
      • weight
      • waist measurement

Schedule your Vaccine!

Vaccinations are available through Magers Health and Wellness Center in Springfield and Ozarks Healthcare in West Plains.

For employees to receive credit for their wellness incentive when services are provided with a provider other than Magers Health and Wellness center, proof must be submitted to Magers.

Email: MagersMedicalRecords@MissouriState.edu.

You may bring a printed copy of your vaccination record to Magers in person, or fax to 417-836-4143.

Please verify your records are updated in your MyHealth portal prior to December 1, 2023 to ensure wellness incentive.