Wellness Incentive

Free COVID and Flu Vaccinations

Save up to $360 on your annual health insurance premiums!

To prevent/reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our workforce, the 2022 wellness incentive includes the following vaccination combination:
  • COVID-19 vaccine shot (must complete vaccine regimen based on the type of vaccine administered, single or double dose): qualifies for $20 per month discount.
  • Flu vaccine shot: qualifies for $10 per month discount.
    • Flu Vaccines credit runs from 1 September, 2021 through 1 December, 2021.
  • Both vaccinations must be administered prior to December 1, 2021 to qualify for the maximum $30 per month health insurance premium discount.

Who qualifies?

COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines are available to all employees, full- or part-time, and to their eligible dependents, spouse/domestic partner at no cost. By participating in the wellness activity, health care plan members can save up to $360 per year on their premiums for the 2022 plan year.

Schedule your Vaccine!

Vaccinations are available through Magers Health and Wellness Center in Springfield and Ozarks Healthcare in West Plains.

For employees to receive credit for their wellness incentive email magersmedicalrecords@missouristate.edu.

You can also bring a printed copy of your vaccination record to Magers in person, or fax to 417-836-4143.

Flu shots will be available at Magers starting September 20, 2021. More information will follow on how to schedule your flu shot.

Schedule your COVID Vaccine

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