General Education Resources for Advising

Departments have submitted answers to these five questions related to their General Education courses:

  1. When is the course typically offered (periodicity)?
  2. How is the course typically taught (modality)?
  3. How do you describe the course to students when they ask “What is this class about?” (without using the catalog description)?
  4. Beyond meeting a General Education requirement, what benefits can students realize from choosing this course?
  5. Other than your major/minor/certificate students, what groups of students could find this course relevant to their degree program or career path?

Each General Education course has a PDF document (below) with the information provided by the department and the course catalog description.


Natural World 

Human Cultures 

Public Affairs 

You will needAdobe Reader to view and print these documents. 



General Education Website

Department access to submit course information and updates

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