Advising Resources for Advisors

Because we believe that academic advising is so important, at Missouri State University we require an advisor's approval before registration for freshmen, sophomores, graduate students, and students who are on academic probation.

Academic advising is one of the few services that all students--at some point in their college careers--participate in, and arguably the only one that includes a one-on-one relationship between each student and a member of the faculty or professional staff.  Effective advising contributes to a learning environment that fosters each student's opportunity to become an educated person.

Students tell us they want four basic things from Academic Advising:

   1. Accurate Information

   2. Accessibility

   3. Advice/Counsel

   4. Relationship

The Academic Advising and Transfer Center strives to offer both faculty and professional advisors the resources needed in order to become the best academic advisors possible.