University Criteria for Promotion to Senior Instructor

Op3.30-3 University Criteria for Promotion to Senior Instructor


The information below that defines and details the criteria, requirements, and process for application to the rank of Senior Instructor is a revised version of a document developed by an ad hoc committee largely consisting of faculty, and has as its basis the definition of Senior Instructor in the Faculty Handbook, section 3.6.2:

An Instructor who has demonstrated excellence in teaching and service at Missouri State University for at least five years may be appointed as a Senior Instructor. Senior Instructors are expected to provide leadership in teaching, contribute to course and curriculum development and provide appropriate university service. Senior Instructors may participate in research or creative activities. A Senior Instructor shall be appointed to a specific term not to exceed five years and may be reappointed to one or more additional terms, contingent upon satisfactory performance reviews, educational needs and continued funding. If a Senior Instructor applies for and is appointed to a tenure-track faculty position, the time spent as Senior Instructor at Missouri State University will not count toward the probationary period for tenure and promotion. Senior Instructors on 9-month appointments will receive benefits for 12-months. (Faculty Handbook, Sec. 3.6.2)

University Criteria for Appointment to Senior Instructor

NOTE: Departments may adopt the following University Criteria as their own, or they may supplement those criteria with their own requirements. Departmental criteria, however, must include the general requirements of the university criteria. Also, departments must have criteria in place for senior instructor rank in order for instructors in that department to make application.

  1. Instructors are eligible to apply for appointment to Senior Instructor in the fall semester of their 5th year of employment with the university (years of employment need not be consecutive). Number of years is not an entitlement for this promotion, and judgments will be made at all levels based on the standards for excellence in teaching as measured by departmental criteria developed in accord with the faculty handbook and university criteria.
  2. The expectation for promotion at this rank is based on a 12-hour teaching load or its equivalence per semester and at least five years of full-time teaching experience at the university (years of teaching need not be consecutive).
  3. The criteria for reviewing applications for promotion to the rank of Senior Instructor must include these general elements. See the section immediately below for a listing of items that may be used as evidence for all these requirements.
    1. Evidence of successful student learning outcomes.
    2. Use of effective modalities.
    3. Leadership in teaching.
    4. Contributions to course and curriculum development.
    5. Appropriate university service.

The following are types of evidence that can be used in support of promotion to the rank of senior instructor:

1) Evidence of student success on learning outcomes

  • Department head’s evaluations of applicant’s teaching capability and performance
  • Student evaluations, both quantitative and qualitative
  • Pre- and post evaluations to demonstrate an increase in knowledge and skills taught in the specific content area
  • Explanation of learning outcomes and successful student assignments or portfolios that are connected to the course goals
  • Peer reviews documenting student learning outcomes

2) Demonstration of the use of effective modalities – experiential learning, collaborative learning, etc.

  • Assignments such as hands-on practice with class demonstrations
  • Peer group work
  • Self-analysis of writings and projects in class
  • Lecture and discussion techniques
  • Online course materials and design
  • Use of other instructional technologies to present concepts; to facilitate class organization and discussion: and to enhance learning

3) Leadership in teaching

  • Demonstrate leadership in curriculum development
  • Perform advisement duties
  • Manage or coordinate grants or programs
  • Other factors in the area of service that may indicate commitment and leadership may be included – e.g., evidence of advising to student organizations, engagement in organizing events, conferences, or other activities that contribute to the Missouri State University community.

4) Contributions to course and curriculum development

  • Development of new courses or major revisions to existing courses
  • Evaluating and adopting new texts
  • Use of technology to enhance learning – e.g., development of an online course

5) University service

  • Service to the University in the form of consistent, active service on departmental, college, university committees.
  • Community engagement as professional opportunities allow.
  • Service in professional teaching organizations

Application Process

The teaching portfolio will be submitted to the departmental personnel committee for review in accord with the dates specified in the tenure and promotion calendar (typically early October). The departmental personnel committee will submit recommendations to the Department Head in accord with the timelines specified in the Tenure and Promotion Calendar. The Department Head will review all relevant information and make a recommendation to the Dean, who will also conduct a review and forward recommendations to the Provost. The Provost will notify the candidate of approval or non-approval of the appointment to Senior Instructor in writing, with copies to the Department Head and Dean. The Academic department will be responsible for initiating the personnel action forms designating the change of appointment and incremental salary increase.

Portfolio Requirements for Application to Senior Instructor

The following is a general guideline of what your portfolio should include and how it should be organized. Please use separate tabs for items, with the first five items arranged in the order listed. If you have specific questions about items to include, please contact Mary Lynne in the Provost’s office at 417-836-5022.

Please include these items in this order:

  1. Application form for Promotion to Senior Instructor
  2. Criteria used (department specific)
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Statement of Philosophy of Teaching
  5. Yearly Performance Reviews from Departmental Personnel Committee, Department Head, and Dean (for the current year and the previous four years that are being evaluated). If such reviews are not available for all previous years, other equivalent evidence may be substituted.

Please include these items, although not necessarily in this order. Limit your supporting materials to items generated during the five years that are under evaluation.

  1. List of courses taught with enrollment numbers
  2. Illustrative syllabi for all courses taught
  3. Summary report of student evaluations with samples of students evaluations (do not include all student evaluations, but have available in the event they are requested)
  4. Samples of class handouts and other curricular-related materials (e.g., exams, course assignments, etc.)
  5. Examples of course and curricular development
  6. Other artifacts that may indicate leadership in the area of teaching may be included – e.g., artifacts of curricular development, student learning outcomes, documentation of excellence in advising, utilization of new teaching techniques and delivery methods, attendance at faculty development workshops to improve pedagogy, unsolicited letters or notes from past students, etc.