Clinical and Field Placements

Op3.04-55 Clinical and Field Placements

Many graduate programs require completion of clinical practicum or other field placements such as student teaching. The expectations for student performance often increase over time, and both continuation to the next level and completion of this degree requirement are contingent upon meeting the specified standards. In order to facilitate successful performance in clinical or other field placements, graduate programs must:

  1. provide adequate preparation for performance in clinical or field experience, with written documentation of expectations
  2. provide written feedback throughout the field experience
  3. ensure that any substandard performance is determined by more than a single preceptor/supervisor or practicum site, in collaboration with MSU faculty
  4. provide support and remediation when performance does not meet expectations
  5. provide an additional opportunity to demonstrate expected performance after remediation

Though infrequent, there are instances where remediation and additional opportunities are not appropriate. Such instances include issues of moral turpitude, crimes, jeopardizing wellbeing of another, etc.

Program dismissal due to failure in clinical or field placement

If after being given additional support and remediation, the student does not meet the standards necessary to either (a) matriculate to the next level of practicum or field experience or (b) complete the practicum or field experience at a satisfactory level, she or he will be dismissed from the program. The dismissal recommendation is independent of any grades assigned for courses related to clinical placement and must be made as soon as feasible in order to allow an appeal to occur and be resolved prior to the time that any additional levels of clinical placement would begin. (NOTE: All appeals of program dismissal due to failure in clinical or field placement will be subject to this policy, rather than Op3.04-28 Grade Appeal and Academic Grievances.)

  1. The student will be notified in writing that she or he is being dismissed from the program at the end of the current semester due to a failure to meet the standards for clinical or field performance.
  2. The student may appeal his/her dismissal to the Dean of the College within three (3) business days of receiving notification of such dismissal.
  3. The student may appeal a decision to uphold the dismissal by the Dean of the College to the Dean of the Graduate College and the Office of the Provost within three (3) business days of receiving notification of the Dean of the College’s decision. If the student is dissatisfied with the decision of the Dean of the Graduate College and Office of the Provost, they may appeal to the President within three (3) business days. The determination of the President is final.