Hours and Timesheets

Op3.16-9 Hours and Timesheets


Assistantships begin the week prior to classes starting and continue through the end of finals week each semester. Graduate assistants work 20 hours per week on average. Specific hours of employment are arranged between the student and supervisor. International students can only work 20 hours maximum per week. A work week is defined as Monday-Sunday.

Graduate assistants typically do not work on university holidays nor other days when classes are not in session. Any unit requirements that necessitate GA involvement during these times should be discussed with the GA prior to employment.


A GA Timesheet form should be used by all Graduate Assistants (GAs) who are not Teaching Assistants or Graduate Research Assistants.

Monthly time sheets should be submitted to the unit leader for review, signature and retention. The Payroll website should be accessed periodically for updated versions of the form. For any weeks of over 31 hours worked, a copy of the time sheet should be sent to Payroll on the first working day of the following month. If the week spans two months, copies of both months should be sent to Payroll as soon as possible.

Units should retain time records for a minimum of five (5) years.

Completed forms are subject to random auditing. Units that are out of compliance with these retention guidelines are subject to corrective actions that may include losing their right to hire graduate assistants.