Op3.04-39 Registration

The University allows currently enrolled, admitted, and readmitted/reinstated students to register in advance of the beginning of each semester. 

Students who meet any one of the following criteria are required to obtain advisor release each semester prior to registration:

  1. Undergraduate students who have earned fewer than 75 undergraduate credits. Since these are earned credits, in-progress credits do not apply.
  2. Undergraduate students who have obtained fewer than three prior spring or fall advising releases.
  3. Undergraduate students on academic probation.
  4. Graduate students.

Students who have completed a semester of classes in good academic standing and plan to return within one calendar year under the same classification do not require readmission for registration. Students who have University holds that restrict registration are not permitted to register for any succeeding semester or summer term until such holds have been removed.

Individuals intending to participate in a class are not permitted to attend unless they are registered in that class. Exceptions must be approved by the instructor and academic unit leader of the class, in consultation with the Office of the Registrar. Visitors without the expectation of receiving class credit may attend class sessions on a limited basis at the discretion of the instructor.

Non-attendance and failure to withdraw from classes will result in failing grades and continued financial obligations. See "Procedures for Adding and Dropping Classes (and Withdrawing)" section.