Diploma/University Certificate

Op3.04-21 Diploma/University Certificate

The diploma/certificate is provided to students after the end of the semester of graduation if all graduation requirements have been met. Any hold preventing the release of a student’s transcript will also prevent the release of a student’s diploma/certificate. Students may refer to the academic calendar regarding the timing of the mailing of diplomas at the end of each term.

The diploma lists the degree earned, major(s), and the scholastic honors attained at the end of the semester of graduation. Options within majors and minors are not recorded on the diploma but are on the transcript. Students completing multiple majors in the same degree in the same semester will only receive one diploma listing all majors.

The certificate lists the level (undergraduate or graduate) and the name of the program of study.

The student name listed on a diploma or certificate must match a name on file in the University’s student information system, which will be available to select in the application to graduate process. 

All reissued diplomas and/or certificates produced on or after August 28, 2005 will bear the name Missouri State University.

The Office of the Registrar will be responsible for establishing and communicating the procedure for requesting a reissued diploma/certificate. A reissued diploma/certificate fee will be charged in accordance with the current Fee Schedule.