Fee Waiver Costs

Op3.16-5 Fee Waiver Costs

Fee waiver scholarships are calculated as a weighted average of in-state and out-of-state tuition and fees for the mean number of credits taken by graduate assistants. University units are given an allocation of tuition-fee waiver scholarships to use in conjunction with the stipends they provide for graduate assistants. Any additional graduate assistant appointments beyond allocation will not include the fee waiver scholarship. Rather, the department/office desiring to hire an additional GA will be required to transfer funds into the fee waiver budget A02000-312025-69010-081. To determine the additional funds required, please see the Fee Waiver table.

Proposals for external grants or contracts that include graduate assistantships are expected to include funding for both the stipend and the tuition-fee waiver. The university has a limited number of tuition-fee waiver scholarships that can be included in proposals in order to serve as a university match or in cases where the funding agency does not allow tuition-fees in the budget. Contact the Office of Research Administration for procedures for requests.