Board of Governors' Awards for Excellence in Public Affairs

G3.08 Board of Governors' Awards for Excellence in Public Affairs

Missouri State University is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all facets of research, teaching and public service. As a university with a statewide mission in Public Affairs, the Board of Governors would like to recognize its faculty, staff and students who excel at carrying out the Public Affairs Mission. It is the university’s hope that such recognition will encourage others to strive for exceptional accomplishments. The president or his designee shall develop selection criteria and appoint a committee or committees to select the recipients of the annual awards for Citizen Scholar, Board of Governors' Award for Faculty Excellence in Public Affairs, Board of Governors' Award for Staff Excellence in Public Affairs, and such other awards which recognize demonstrated achievement in Public Affairs.

Missouri State University may revoke any award for excellence in Public Affairs if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the conduct of the recipient constitutes a significant departure from the university’s high standards, as exemplified by the three (3) pillars of its public affairs mission: ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement, and thus undermines the credibility, integrity and/or purpose of the award. The decision to revoke a recognition or award shall be made by the Board of Governors in consultation with the president.