Admission Requirements and Deadlines

To be considered for admission directly from an accredited high school, students must meet the following minimum high school core requirements and selection index.

High school core curriculum

The high school core curriculum requirement is based on recommendations of the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education. Students who earn high school credit for courses taken prior to their freshman year will receive credit toward high school core requirements if the previously earned credit is included on their official high school transcript.

Selection index

If you successfully complete the high school core curriculum upon graduation from high school, you will qualify for admission if you meet the requirements in the scale below.

Class Rank Percentile GPA
(on a 4.00 scale)
ACT Composite or ACT Superscore SAT Total or SAT Superscore Total
56 or above 3.00 or above Test score optional Test score optional
48 to 55 2.85 to 2.99 21 1060
40 to 47 2.63 to 2.84 22 1100
34 to 39 2.50 to 2.62 23 1130
Below 34 Below 2.50 Not admissible

Freshman admission alternatives

As a selective admission institution, our objective is to admit students with demonstrated potential for academic success. We recognize that some students have potential for success not clearly evident through standard measures of class rank, grade point average and test scores. If you do not meet the requirements listed above, please review our freshman admission alternatives.

The Missouri State University system includes an open admission campus in West Plains. Students who do not qualify for admission to the Springfield campus may begin at the West Plains campus, which offers programs that enable students to transfer seamlessly to Springfield. For information on the West Plains campus, please visit or call 417-255-7955.

Admission for other student types

Important deadlines

Date Deadline
June, July, August
  • August 19–21 - Welcome Weekend
  • August 22 - Classes begin