Inclusive Excellence Scholarship Application

Application process

The scholarship application for the Inclusive Excellence Scholarship consists of two parts:

  1. Your address, contact and academic information, as well as a list of organizations and activities you have participated in and awards and honors received.
  2. One essay.

You should also make sure that you have submitted an admission application, a high school transcript, your highest ACT or SAT score (if needed for admission purposes), and any other items requested for admission to the Missouri State office of admissions by the January 30 deadline. As long as the university has a transcript on file, it is not necessary to include a duplicate with the application for the scholarship.

Applicants must be admitted to Missouri State University at the time the Scholarship Committee begins reviewing applications. The review process begins within one week of the January 30th deadline. 

How to apply

You may apply for this scholarship online below.

Based on submitted applications, finalists will be selected and invited to an on-campus recognition event.

Inclusive Excellence Scholarship Application

Completing this application, being admitted to the University and submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) no later than January 30 will qualify you for consideration for this scholarship.

Before completing the online application, we recommend that you review the required information in advance and have all materials ready to submit, as you must complete the application in one sitting.

You can fill in each field manually or cut and paste the required information. However, most formatting will be lost if you cut and paste, although hard returns will be preserved.

Inclusive Excellence Scholarship Recognition Day


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

General information

You must meet one or more of the following criteria (mark all that apply):

Academic criteria

Please provide either your ACT score, SAT score or both if available.

Please provide your class rank and class size and your cumulative GPA.

Involvement in organizations/community service

List organizations to which you belong, as well as community service you have performed. Include any offices held (if applicable) and appropriate dates. Please list:

  • Organization name/community service
  • Dates of membership
  • Offices held (dates in office)

Separate information by commas. Create a new line for each entry.


Pep club: Sept. 2018-present (Vice-president: Sept. 2018-May-2019; President: Sept. 2019-present)
Student council: Apr. 2018-Apr. 2020 (Treasurer: Apr. 2019-Apr. 2020)

2000 characters remaining.

Awards and honors

List awards and honors you have received, the organization giving each award, and appropriate dates. Create a new line for each entry.

2000 characters remaining.


The Inclusive Excellence Scholarship/Program supports the University's commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence. This scholarship provides the opportunity for a cohort of students to participate in personal and leadership development program focused on cultural awareness. Recipients will work directly with the Office of Multicultural Services.

Tell us how your experiences will help contribute to the Inclusive Excellence Scholarship/Program and Missouri State University's commitment to diversity? Please provide your essay (no more than a 3,000 character count). We suggest that you use a word processing application to create your essay and then copy and paste it in to this form upon completion. Please note that most formatting will be lost, although hard returns will be preserved.

3000 characters remaining.
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