Admission Alternatives

If you do not meet the required high school core requirements and selection index, you may gain admission to Missouri State in the following ways:

1. Individual review

To be considered for admission by individual review, submit the supplemental application form and two letters of recommendation with your application for admission. Your information will be reviewed by our Admissions Committee, which will make the decision regarding your admission.

2. Core curriculum exceptions

If you meet the selection index requirement but circumstances beyond your control made it impossible for you to complete the high school core requirements, you may write a letter requesting an exception accompanied by an official explanation from a school counselor detailing the circumstances. Your submitted documentation will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, which will make the decision on your admission.

3. Transfer admission

If you choose to begin at another college or university and earn 24 or more hours of transferable credit (completed after high school graduation) with at least a 2.00 grade point average, you will qualify for admission in accordance with our transfer admission policy.

The Missouri State University system includes an open admission campus in West Plains. Students who do not qualify for admission to the Springfield Campus may begin at the West Plains Campus, which offers programs that enable students to transfer seamlessly to Springfield. For information on the West Plains Campus, please visit or call 417-255-7955.