Transfer Advisor Committee Minutes

Transfer Advising Committee

The Transfer Advising Committee is chaired by the Assistant Director/Transfer Advising Coordinator and reports to the Director of the Academic Advising and Transfer Center and the Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs. The committee also works in cooperation with the Transfer Council and the Academic Advising Council. Its charges are as follows:

  • Develop best practices for transfer advising
  • Facilitate communication between units and divisions across campus on issues related to transfer students
  • Offer training and development opportunities for transfer advisors, including an academic advisor forum each semester that is co-sponsored with the Academic Advising and Transfer Center
  • Be a campus resource for transfer advising
  • Develop strategies to integrate the Public Affairs mission into the transfer experience
  • Support university orientation and engagement activities for the transfer student population
  • Maintain contact with community college advisors and representatives to facilitate a positive transfer student experience
  • Develop ways to help reduce campus run-around for transfer students
  • Represent specific colleges and help maintain the online transfer advisor list
  • Review literature and conduct research (if necessary) specifically on transfer student characteristics and issues