Bear With Me Program

The Bear With Me program is an initiative that was brought to Missouri State University by Student Government Association in the Spring of 2018. This program gives students an alternative way to pay parking citations by completing community service hours. Students will have 15 days from the date the citation was issued to complete their community service hours as part of the Bear With me program.

Step 1: Go to to find community service opportunities in the Springfield area.

Step 2: Perform at least two hours of community service from an organization posted on

Step 3: Log your community service hours by joining the "Bear With Me Program" organization on CampusLink. For more information, visit

Step 4: Submit this form on CampusLink.

Terms & Conditions:

 Only parking citations issued by Missouri State University Office of Safety and Transportation are eligible for this program.

 No ticket can be appealed that is valued more than $50.00.

 No citation issued due to illegal parking in a handicap space can be worked off.

 Only one ticket per student in an academic year can be worked off by this program.

 The community services hours done are only allowed to be used for this program.

 This program ends after $3,000 worth of parking citations have been worked off.