Towing and Wheel-Locks

Our department has authorization to immobilize, remove or impound vehicles.

Immobilization and removal of vehicles

Parking enforcement officials are authorized to immobilize (clamp) or remove (tow) vehicles on/from University property at the owner's expense.


A vehicle has five (5) or more citations in an academic year (August-July) and is registered with Transportation Services will be immobilized.

  • The date the ticket was received may be the defining date to determine how many tickets are counted.
  • Tickets for which an appeal is granted shall not be counted.

Vehicle removal

A vehicle may be removed when a reasonable effort has been made to contact the owner and:

  • it appears to be abandoned or is not moved within 48 hours after a notice has been left on the vehicle with a request for it to be moved.
  • is left unattended and its presence at the place, in the judgment of an enforcement official, constitutes or is likely to constitute a safety hazard to persons or property, or because of an emergency, or because the vehicle is obstruction traffic.
  • parked blocking an accessible space or its access.
  • parked in marked accessible spaces without properly displaying a state issued disabled placard or license plate.
  • parked in marked fire or driving lanes, blocking a doorway, dumpster, fire hydrant or in a marked tow away zone.
  • parked without proper authorization in a posted reserved space.
  • a vehicle has five (5) or more citations issued and the vehicle has not been registered with Transportation Services.
  • a vehicle has eight (8) or more citations issued in an academic year (August-July) and is registered with Transportation Services.

Vehicle removal shall be at the expense of the owner or operator of the vehicle

  • If a vehicle is in the process of being towed, but has not yet been removed from University property, it is subject to all charges assessed by the tow company.
  • All towing and impoundment/storage charges are determined by the tow company and must be paid directly to them.
  • Towing fees and impoundment/storage payments are not applied to unpaid parking fines that are due the University.
  • The University is not liable or responsible for any damage caused to a motor vehicle by an independent contractor.

What should I do if my car is towed or has a clamp?

Report to the Parking Office at 700 E. Elm, M-F, 8:00am-4:30pm or after normal business hours and on weekends call Dispatch at 417-836-5509, to recover a towed vehicle or have a clamp removed.

You must pay for the violation or assign a university accounts receivable account before we will release the vehicle.