If You Get a Ticket

Where do I pay the fine?

If you are affiliated with the University you may pay fines at the bursar’s office or mail them to 901 S. National Avenue, Springfield, MO 65897. Citation payments may also be made through your My Missouri State account.

If you are Non-affiliated you may pay at the bursar’s office or Transit Operations Center (TOC), 700 E. Elm. Citation payments may also be made through the Parking Portal.

How many days do I have to pay the fine?

Fifteen (15) calendar days.

What happens if I don’t pay the fine?

Those who fail to pay fines may be subject to:

  • Encumbrance of student records and denial of the privilege to register for classes or obtain a transcript.
  • Appropriate disciplinary action or other action for faculty/staff through administrative channels.
  • Collection procedures and costs, including interest, attorney’s fees and withholding from final university paychecks.

How do I appeal the ticket?

Visit appealing a ticket for more information.