Visitor and Metered Parking

Where can I park if I’m a visitor?

Visitors are welcome to park in any metered spaces and pay the meters.

Daily visitor permits are $2.75 per day or $13.75 per week (Monday-Friday).

Daily temporary permits may be purchased online (a printer is needed to print-out purchased permit) or at the Parking Services Office.

Vehicle information, including license plate, will be needed for permit issuance.

Parking meters

Meters are enforced as 24-hours 7-days a week. Metered parking is $1 per hour and is non-refundable.

All parking meters accept coins only, except Lot 14 and Lot 29, which accepts coin, currency and credit/debit cards.

For information on parking meter locations, please see the Printable Parking Map

Weekend parking

Weekend Visitors may park in reserved, commuter and residence hall lots with a permit at no charge on Saturdays and Sundays, except where posted otherwise. Parking Permits may be obtained through the Parking Portal.