Conditional and Special Parking

Trailers and over-sized vehicles

  • Trailers and over-sized vehicles must park in Lots 39, 44 and 51 unless otherwise specified, and must have a valid parking permit (or daily permit) for each parking space occupied.  For example, a trailer that occupies a space attached to a vehicle occupying another space (two spaces total) would need a valid vehicle parking permit and a daily permit for the trailer. If the vehicle did not have a valid parking permit, it would also need a daily parking permit in addition to the one for the trailer. If the trailer took up two spaces, a total of three valid permits would be required.


  • Bus parking must be arranged in advance. Buses of any type are not permitted in university parking facilities without prior authorization from Transportation Services.
  • For safety reasons, buses are not permitted to enter university parking lots for the purpose of dropping off or picking up passengers. Contact Transportation Services for guidance.
  • Parking for buses requires a daily permit issued by Transportation Services.
  • Unauthorized buses in university parking lots may be subject to tow if they are obstructing the facility or restricting access.
  • Parking lots designated for bus parking are generally 39 and 51 unless otherwise specified.

Reserved space

  • Reserved spaces are based upon the specific needs of the university and on a limited basis.
  • Reserved spaces are approved by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.
  • Parking spaces marked as Reserved, may only be used by those designated to use the space as indicated by the posted sign.

Closure of lots

  • The university reserves the right to close specific lots to permit holders. Lots may be designated for uses, including but not limited to sporting events, concerts, construction and camps.
  • When lots are closed, they are considered a reserved lot.
  • When lot closures are known, Transportation Services will notify the university community. This may be done through signs, the Administrative Services Notification blog, social media, and other means available at the time of the lot closure.