On-campus Parking

Things you must do to park on campus

  1. Buy and display a current university parking permit.
  2. Park in the lot that matches your permit color or lot number. Depending on your permit type, you may be able to park in other areas.
  3. Park during the times given for your lot, as prescribed by your permit type or parking meters.

Legal parking is important

You’re required to have a parking permit year-round if you choose to park in university lots.

Signed Reserved Spaces are reserved 24-hours / 7-days a week, unless posted otherwise.

Transportation services enforces parking regulations on campus at all times. The owner/operator of a vehicle is responsible for finding a legal parking space and displaying a valid permit.

Parking on university property is a privilege. Violations of parking regulations may result in the loss of these privileges.

What if I can’t find a place to park?

Lot 39, Lot 44, and Lot 51 are rainbow lots, located on the corner of Walnut and Kimbrough. You can park here with an orange, yellow, blue, red or green permit.

Registration and purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a space to park. Lack of convenient parking spaces is not justification for illegal parking.

How can I find open parking spots?

We have resources to help you find an open parking space. Read our updates and follow us on Twitter.


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