OTC Library Access

Meyer Library

Welcome to our libraries

Did you know Meyer Library is home to more than 875,000 books, 934,000 government documents and more than 3,500 periodical and newspaper subscriptions? And, as an OTC student, you have access to these great resources and more.

You are invited to:

  • Place a request for items from the general collection, government documents or maps collection and have them delivered to OTC’s Learning Resources Center for pickup.
  • Check out the items in person at the Meyer Library Circulation Desk using your OTC ID card.
  • Access resources at Meyer Library, like children’s materials in the Curriculum Resource Center, and instructional tools, audio-visual resources and scores in the Music & Media Collections. Bring your ID.
  • Get help with your research or with using MSU library resources at the Meyer Library Reference and Government Information Desk on the first level.
  • Use licensed electronic resources, such as databases and e-journals, in the library.
  • Study at workstations throughout the library and recharge at the Starbucks in the lobby.

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Metered parking is available in Bear Park South, 920 S. Holland Ave., and in Lot 19 on Hammons Parkway across from Meyer Library.