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We want all of our employees to be successful members of the organization. The university provides processes, policies and resources to employees and supervisors to promote success. Performance management and the success of our employees is based on three elements: how employees perform their individual jobs, their contribution to the team and mission, and their behavior towards others and the university as a whole. Individual employee performance collectively contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Recognizing high quality work performances and providing constructive feedback to our employees is important to us. The Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) is the university's formal evaluation process for all full-time staff employees. The ADP process is designed to support the administration of the university's performance based compensation system and the development of employees within the organization in the support of our mission.

The area of performance management provides support to both employees and supervisors in addressing workplace issues. We can provide assistance and guidance on addressing job performance, discipline situations, violations of policies and procedures, co-worker conflicts, and any workplace issue that are impacting the department or individual employees. Additionally, we are available to provide guidance or consult on the various employee programs that are available to assist both employees and supervisors in addressing situations.

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