Classification and Compensation

Missouri State University's workforce is its most vital resource and it is the intention of the university that the compensation plan demonstrates the high value the university holds for its employees.

Full-time staff jobs are classified into job families, pay grades and pay ranges.

Compensation Philosophy: Compensation shall be externally competitive when compared to the appropriate market, internally equitable, and based upon individual performance, qualifications required, and the complexity, scope, and impact of the work performed.

Performance should be directly linked to obtaining pay rewards.

This system organizes university jobs into a consistent structure.
Each full-time position has a unique job description.
Pay grades contain jobs of similar value; all jobs in a pay grade have the same salary range.
The University workweek is defined as a seven-day period that begins at 12:01 a.m. Monday and ends at 12:00 midnight Sunday. A normal workweek of 40 hours is established for most employees. Flex scheduling is available for some positions.
There are several options for how overtime is handled for nonexempt employees.
These policies define how salaries, promotions, transfers and reclassifications are handled.
The reports that compare MSU positions to similar positions elsewhere.
This status affects how employees are paid and how time or leave is recorded.

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