Workplace Issues

Employees and supervisors who need support in addressing and resolving workplace issues have a number of resources available to them through the Office of Human Resources.   Many times if an employee or supervisor meets with our office about workplace issues we are able to provide them guidance on how to resolve it, clarify policies and procedures, assist with document creation, provide information on available employee programs, and assist with facilitating communication to resolve the situation.

Workplace Issues may include but are not limited to the following:

Additionally, there are the following resources and opportunities available for employees and supervisors:

  • Professional development opportunities through My Learning Connection on managing conflict and improving communication.  Both instructor led and on demand online courses.
  • Supervisor programs on the Annual Development Plan Process to include developing goals and the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).
  • Guidance and support on how to conduct a workplace investigation along with development of the Workplace Issue Investigation memo and discipline documents.   

We encourage both employees and supervisor to utilize our services and resources to assist them in addressing work place issues for improving work performance and creating a successful workplace environment.

Questions / Assistance: Please contact or call X4592/65779.