Appraisal and Development Plan

Reminder for 2023 Annual ADP Cycle

Supervisors should be working on completing their 2023  Planning Documents for their employees in providing guidance and direction for the current 2023 rating cycle. 

Training available for supervisors: HR Live Sessions -  ADP Process: Setting Goals and Evaluating Employee Performance  available in My Learning Connection for registration.  Search under "adp" to locate.  The first session is September 20th. 

ADP Process Help Guide:  Information about the process, how to access the system, and the functionality of the online ADP form action buttons.  

The 2023 Annual Cycle starts October 1, 2023 with completion by January 31, 2024. Both supervisors and employees can access their documents online through the My Missouri State portal. Please contact if you have questions.   

The Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) Process is the University's formal evaluation process for all full-time staff employees. The ADP process is designed to support the university's performance-based compensation system and the development of employees within the organization.

Key Features for the Online ADP Process

  • Supervisor ADP Dashboard is a one stop location for supervisors to access and view their ADP Planning and Appraisal documents for their employees.  The Supervisor ADP Dashboard is located  under the ADP Dashboard and ORG Chart Experience card in the MSU portal. 
    • Select "Employee" under menu options and  enter "adp" in search window to locate experience card.    
  • Both the Annual and Probationary cycles (three (3) and six (6) month) will have the same features.  Annual ADP documents due dates will be based on the Annual Cycle requirements and the Probationary ADP documents due dates with be based on the employee's hire date. 
  • Supervisors generate their Planning Document by clicking on the "Create document" in their Supervisor Dashboard under the Current tab.  Appraisal Documents are generated by clicking on the "Begin Appraisal" button. 
  • Supervisors have access to their current  Appraisal documents and the subsequent Planning Documents so they are able to conduct both meetings concurrently.
  • Supervisors have a copy feature to copy ongoing goals from one year to the next in their Planning documents.
  • Supervisors can update their Planning documents throughout the rating period to reflect changes in supervision, in job positions, responsibilities, or goals.  Employees will be notified of changes via email and are able to view the changes online in the Performance Management channel.    
  • The chain of supervision has visibility on their units' ADP documents to monitor completion status, view ADP data, and to access documents. 
  • Employees have a  one stop location to access and view their ADP Planning and Appraisal documents through the ADP Dashboard and ORG Chart Experience card in the MSU portal.
    • Select "Employee" under menu options and  enter "adp" in search window to locate experience card. 
  • Both current and archived documents are available to the employee.     
  • Employees are notified via email when updates are made to their Planning documents and their Appraisal documents  are available for acknowledgement.  They are accessed online through the ADP Dashboard link. 

Appraisal and Development Plan (ADP) Process

The annual performance rating cycle for all full-time staff occurs between October 1st and January 31st of each year. New employees receive two evaluations during their Probationary period, at the third and sixth months of employment. Probationary evaluations assess the new employee's progress in learning the job. The process consists of both a planning meeting and appraisal meeting for each evaluation period.


The University believes that a fair performance evaluation system is one of the keys to a successful performance-based compensation system. Performance planning and appraisal meetings serve to plan for the tasks, duties and goals to be accomplished throughout the upcoming year, and evaluate employee performance during the previous year. During these meetings, supervisors give useful feedback to employees to promote productivity, communication and professional development. Employees are evaluated using a rating scale comprised of five levels of performance. It is the cost center administrator’s responsibility to ensure performance evaluations are completed accurately and in a timely manner for their unit.

The University's ADP process is designed to support the growth and development of employees and to recognize their overall performance:

  • Evaluate each employee's effectiveness in performing assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • Establish performance standards as they relate to the current job description and in support of the University’s goals and mission.
  • Assist employees in developing additional knowledge, skills and abilities for job advancement.
  • Document shortcomings or substandard performance and outline methods to improve future performance.
  • Determine retention of an employee at the end of the probationary period.

Performance Improvement Plans

Supervisors needing to address performance issues with an employee should contact Human Resources at for assistance and guidance on the process. The Performance Improvement Plan Process (PIP) is covered in Chapter 5.2.4 of the Employee Handbook.

Resources for the ADP Process

  • Online Zoom classes provided by Human Resources. Register online through My Learning Connection, search under ADP. 
  • Missouri State employee handbook for administrative, professional and support staff employees, Chapter 5. Employee Performance Evaluations.
  • Supervisor training provided by the University. Register online through My Learning Connection, search under Supervision and Leadership categories.

Organizational Chart and ADP Workflow

The University's Organizational Chart determines the workflow process for both the annual and probationary ADP process. Changes in supervision will be tracked to update the workflow process for email notifications and assignment of ADP Planning and Appraisal forms:

  • “Reports To” information for new hire, transfer, or promotion PAFs will be updated by Human Resources as part of the Personnel Action Form (PAF) process.

  • Changes to subordinates will be made by supervisors through the online Organizatonal Chart link located in the ADP Dashboard and ORG Chart Experience card in the MSU portal.

Contact for assistance or questions with this process.

Questions and Assistance on ADP Process

Contact or call 417-836-4592.