Adding and Dropping Classes

To view the schedule of classes and register, log in to your My Missouri State. You can check your earliest registration date and time by selecting your Registration Status link. You can also register via Trial Schedule Builder which allows you to view multiple schedule options and build in time blocks for your other obligations. The Class Schedule Search also allows you to search for offered classes. If you have academic questions or require an Advisor Release, please contact your advisor as soon as the semester class schedule becomes available.

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Procedures for Adding Classes

You can add classes online through the Change of Schedule Period, which is generally the first week of classes.


Procedures for Dropping Classes

You can drop classes online. Reference your personalized "Refund and Drop Deadlines" link for specific refunds and dates.


Important notes when dropping a class

You should use the drop procedures judiciously as dropping classes will generally result in extending the time required to complete a degree. In addition, dropping below a full-time or half-time enrollment status may jeopardize insurance, financial aid, scholarship, athletic participation eligibility and immigration status for F-1 or J-1 students.

If you wish to drop a class because of a concern regarding your grade, you are encouraged to consult with the instructor prior to dropping. If you are concerned about the impact of dropping a class on your progress toward graduation, you are encouraged to consult with your academic advisor prior to dropping.