Final Exam Schedules

  • Courses which meet at different hours (e.g. 8:00 on Monday and Wednesday and 9:00 on Thursday) will hold the final exam based on the first hour and day listed.
  • For courses with both lecture and laboratory sections, the final exam period is based on the section that carries the credit.
  • Courses which begin at a time and day not specified on the finals schedule will observe the final exam time of the closest "previous" class time listed.
  • First block final exams will be held on the last scheduled class meeting or first block final exam day as noted in the academic calendar.
  • Second block final exams follow the same schedule as full semester classes.


Op3.04-25 Final Examination Period

A two-hour final examination period is scheduled for each course. This final examination period is used either for administration of final examinations or for other appropriate course terminating activities. If students must reschedule final exams because of extenuating circumstances or if they have more than three finals on the same day, they should attempt to resolve their need to reschedule by contacting the instructor(s) one week prior to the scheduled exam time. If this process is unsuccessful, the student may file a written appeal to the associate provost for student development and public affairs for assistance in reaching a satisfactory resolution.