Registration Holds

If you have a registration hold that prevents web registration, you will need to clear the hold with the appropriate office before initial registration can take place. Refer to your Registration Status for your hold information. Keep in mind that certain holds may prevent the release of transcripts and diplomas.

Some of the most common registration holds include:

Financial Holds - Accounts Receivable/Miscellaneous (Applied to balance above $2,000.00). Click on the "Statement and Payment Portal" link in the "University Account - Billing" card in My Missouri State to pay your account balance. 

Student Success: Not Anymore (Sexual Assault Awareness Training)

SSN Consent – Requirement to confirm your Social Security Number.

TB Screening - Missouri Law requires all Missouri institutions of higher education to perform a targeted tuberculosis testing program for all on-campus students.

DG/DX Holds - These are holds that are applied to your account when you have completed 75 or more undergraduate credits and have not yet been admitted to your declared major and/or certificate program which has admission requirements, or you have an undeclared major.

All Hold Codes

If you are registered for at least one class before the hold was placed on your account, you may request a change of schedule by emailing the Office of the Registrar at Late registration procedures still apply.

If you have a registration hold, you can still drop classes by accessing the Drop Classes with a Hold link in My Missouri State.