Drop Exception Appeal

The deadline to file an appeal is the last date of the class (not including finals) of the current semester.

The drop exception appeal request form is to be submitted by students who wish to drop a course after the official drop deadline due to overwhelming, unforeseen circumstances which interfered with their ability to successfully complete the course.

Do not use this form to request a refund for your course. The refund exception appeal request page can be found at Refund Exception Appeal Request.

Drop Exception Appeal Request Form

University Policy

Exceptions to allow a drop after the stated deadline to drop a class are issued to students who have an overwhelming, unforeseen circumstance which significantly interferes with their ability to meet their academic commitments (e.g., personal medical condition, catastrophic loss). Students who are approved to have a class or classes dropped because of documented extenuating circumstances after the last day to drop, will receive a “W” in all their dropped courses and will be considered for a prorated/partial refund for tuition and room and board (upon proper checkout), but not for nonrefundable fees and charges. More information can be found in the Change of Schedule (Add/Drop) policy.

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