Intersession FAQ

What is Intersession?

The Intersession period, typically one to three weeks in length, provides a group of short-term, concentrated classes for credit during times when the regular semesters are not in session. These classes may be standard course offerings or special interest courses. Intersession classes are required to cover the same amount of course material that would be covered in a normal 16-week semester.

Intersession classes are considered to be part of the following semester for purposes of admission to the University, billing for tuition, class schedule listings, financial aid, registration, overloads, enrollment verification, scholastic action, and graduation.

  • Fall Intersession is part of the following Fall semester
  • Winter Intersession is part of the following Spring semester
  • Summer Intersession is part of the following Summer Session

Where can I view a list of classes being offered?

Go to the semester class schedule and select all subjects (see special instructions in first paragraph). In the “Part of Term” field, select all entries that begin with “Intersession-general”.

How do I apply for admission to the University and register for Intersession classes?

If I drop a class, how much tuition will be refunded?

Refunds are prorated and based on the Intersession Fee Refund Schedule. For the last date to receive a 100% refund, go to the Fee Payment and Refund Schedules.

When will grades be available?

  • Final Intersession grades are posted to transcripts approximately eight business days after the entire Intersession period has ended. For specific dates, go to the Academic Calendar and select the appropriate Intersession period in the “semester” drop-down box. Grades can be viewed by navigating to the Registration tab, My Student Records channel, in My Missouri State.
  • Note: Intersession grades are included in the cumulative GPA as soon as they are posted.
  • Official transcripts with Intersession grades and updated GPA may be requested online by navigating to the Student tab, My Academic Record channel, in My Missouri State.

If this was my last class when will my degree be awarded?

The University only awards degrees at the conclusion of the Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer Sessions. Your degree will be awarded and posted to your transcript approximately one to two weeks after the end of the full semester. Diplomas are mailed approximately four to six weeks after the end of the full semester. Specific dates are available on the Information for Graduates website.

If this was my last class when may I participate in the Commencement ceremonies?

Students who will complete all their graduation requirements during the Intersession may petition the Office of the Provost to participate in an earlier commencement ceremony. Details and procedures are available on the Information for Graduates website under the heading of Commencement Eligibility.