Current Students

You can view your Registration Status in My Missouri State for specifics on any issues that will prevent registering for classes.

Summer and fall registration generally opens in late March / early April and spring registration generally opens in late October.

* SOAR Students - registration will occur during the SOAR Session.
* Non-Degree Seeking students register using an alternate method - Visiting Students , MSU 62 Students 
Adult Student Services
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Registration Eligibility

You will find the following information in your Registration Status page.

Earliest registration date and time - Your registration date and time is determined by the established Registration Sequence. You may continue to register after your scheduled sequence time.

  • First-time new in college students are not eligible to register on the listed date and will need to refer to the SOAR webpage for registration information.

Advisor Release - Certain student populations require an advisor release before registering.

Academic Status - Undergraduates students will have an academic standing based on their grade point averages.

Admitted or Continuing - You must either be a continuing student or be admitted (or readmitted) for the semester for which you are registering.

Registration Holds - You will need to clear any registration holds with the appropriate office before initial registration.

Overrides and Permissions - You may require special permissions to register for certain classes. The permissions will appear under this section when you receive them.

Registering for Classes

You may want to use the Trial Schedule Builder in My Missouri State to plan out your schedule.

Refer to the Adding or Dropping Classes webpage for more information on registering and dropping classes.

If a Registration Error occurs, you will need to contact the correct department/office for overrides/permissions.

Web Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Classes Information

You can view your class schedule in the "My Student Schedules" card in My Missouri State.

Before you make schedule changes, you should view your personalized Refund and Drop Deadlines in My Missouri State for drop dates, refund percentages and last day to drop.

Refund Schedules

You may select to audit a course or change to pass/not pass grading option. The last day to declare a course Pass/Not Pass or Audit is the same as the last day to drop

The Final Exam Schedule - A two-hour final examination period is scheduled for each course. This final examination period is used either for final examinations or for other appropriate course ending activities.

Example of Student Schedules Card