Method of Evaluation

5.2 Method of evaluation

G7.02-5 Employee Performance Evaluations

The immediate supervisor will evaluate the employee’s performance using a one (1) to five (5) rating scale that consists of the following five levels of performance: Exceptional (5), Commendable (4), Competent (3), Development Needed (2) and Unsatisfactory (1). Ratings can be entered in .25 increments. Supervisors should verify with their Cost Center Head for guidance on the utilization of the rating scale for whole numbers or increments.

Supervisors must conduct:

  • A probationary performance planning meeting for new employees during their first week of employment, at the third month of employment and at the sixth month of employment.
  • A probationary performance appraisal for new employees at their third and sixth month anniversary date.
  • An annual performance appraisal with all eligible employees during the annual rating period of October 1st through January 31st.
  • An annual performance planning meeting with all employees.

The ADP forms for the Planning and Appraisal Process are accessed online through the My Missouri State portal. Both supervisors and employees are notified by email from when they have actions to complete during the planning and appraisal processes for the annual and probationary ADPs.

Both the supervisor and the employee will acknowledge the online forms at the conclusion of the Performance Planning and Appraisal Meetings. Acknowledging represents that the employee is aware of and has been informed of both the Planning and Appraisal documents. Confidentiality should be exercised in the management of the ADP documents and discussions for employees.