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Promoting Teaching Excellence at Missouri State

The FCTL supports an academic community where students learn, succeed, and become scholarly citizens of our world.  

Who We Are

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) promotes scholarly teaching practices leading to teaching excellence and the effective facilitation of student learning at Missouri State University. The FCTL offers programs and resources aligned to evidence-based practices and opportunities for faculty to collaborate and engage in a vibrant, diverse academic community.

The FCTL staff is available to provide consultations, resources, training, and many other services to support MSU faculty teaching and learning.

What We Value


We are committed to teaching excellence through scholarship and continuous improvement. We value the advancement of teaching across disciplines and throughout all stages of academic career development. We recognize and celebrate faculty achievements in teaching, research, and service.

Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards

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We value our partnerships, both inside and outside the university. We promote programs that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing among faculty of all ranks.

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)
Teaching & Learning Fellows
Faculty Advisory Council


We value all perspectives and their contributions to the academic community. We support faculty in inclusive teaching practices that strengthen a sense of belonging and help students thrive in an increasingly diverse world.

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Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)



We value evidence-based practices and promote scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning. We gather and use data to evaluate and improve faculty development services and programming.

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