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Teaching & Learning with Brightspace

Brightspace will be the sole learning management system beginning with the Summer 2024 semester.  

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May 31, 2024 - Blackboard access ends
Content migration & all downloads (data/gradebooks) completed.

June 1, 2024 - Blackboard LMS retires.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Teaching & Learning with Brightspace

Personalize & Individualize Learning

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MSU values individualized instruction, which provides students with unique pacing and/or personalized courses of study.  MSUs new learning management system, Brightspace includes tools to support faculty in personalizing learning experiences to meet individual student needs.     

Brightspace Features for Providing Personalized and/or Individualized Learning


Engage Students in Learning

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Gamification is an instructional method focused on embedding game principles, such as creating levels, including points, and offering rewards to mark progress and achievement.   The Brightspace platform can be used to build gamification elements into your course.  Some ways to gamify the student learning experience within Brigthspace include:  

  • Releasing Announcements with Release Conditions
  • Releasing Awards (Badges & Certificates) with Release Conditions
  • Releasing different content pathways based on multiple choice question responses by using Release Conditions

Visit the Brightspace Community to learn:  How to step up your engagement with gamification


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Access & Use Data

When data is collected, analyzed,prioritized,and synthesized, it becomes “actionable knowledge” for making decisions. - Mo-Edusail

The Brightspace LMS provides faculty with access to various types of student data.  Statistics features are included for assignments, quizzes, surveys, and grades.  Faculty can access information about individual student performance as well as how a class is progressing as a whole.  

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How-To Guides 

What Early Adopters are Saying about Brightspace


Easy Course Builds
The Brightspace module templates and interactive layouts allow for easy course builds and more flexibility than a static folder structure. Brightspace layouts include features that are commonly used in web design platforms, which makes organizing course content easier. 

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24/7 Live Chat Help
The Brightspace system includes 24/7 live chat help. Early adopters are enjoying the ability to ask questions and receive answers or documentation in real time.

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Built-in Multimedia Tools
Brightspace includes built-in video tools with closed captioning and media storage. This eliminates the need for extra systems to create videos and closed captioning, and faculty will no longer need to house video content on YouTube or other platforms.

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