FCTL Awards & Funding

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Recognizing and Rewarding Faculty Teaching
The FCTL is committed to promoting faculty teaching excellence through scholarship and continuous improvement. We value the advancement of teaching across disciplines and throughout all stages of academic career development. We recognize and celebrate faculty achievements in teaching, research, and service.

The FCTL Teaching Excellence Award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and dedication to student success.   


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Supporting Continuous Improvement Processes
The FCTL values evidence-based practices and promotes scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning

The SoTL Scholars program supports faculty who are conducting a scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).  Faculty with accepted proposals will recieve a $1500 stipend. 


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Funding Faculty-Led Learning Opportunities
The FCTL provides support for Faculty Learning Communities.  Faculty interested in forming an FLC may submit proposals during spring or fall semesters. 

FLCs selected by the FCTL receive up to $2000/semester for resources, supplies, etc. to support the community and facilitators receive a $750/semester stipend for planning, facilitating, and evaluating their community.  

President's Council on Accessibility Awards

These awards are not offered through the FCTL, however, we value our partnerships, both inside and outside the university and support faculty in inclusive teaching practices that strengthen a sense of belonging and help students thrive in an increasingly diverse world.  The FCTL partners with the President's Council on Accessibility and would like to recognize and celebrate the teaching achievements of these faculty.  

Thank a Professor Program