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Showcase for Teaching & Learning

Speaker Workshop

Small Teaching in Action: Explanation and Practice

Following up on the keynote presentation, this workshop will dig deeper into two principles of learning: explanation and practice. These two principles can especially guide us as we are helping students cultivate new skills of any kind. Participants will be introduced briefly to the research and then be invited to work with colleagues to devise implementation strategies for their fall semester courses

38th Annual Showcase for Teaching & Learning

Call for Proposals

About Showcase

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning annually presents the Showcase on Teaching and Learning to bring together innovative teaching and learning principles developed and applied by the academic community.

The showcase presents a unique opportunity for faculty to gain insight and perspectives on classroom teaching and student learning in a variety of seminars and workshops.

Held in August before the beginning of the Fall academic semester, the event features multiple concurrent presentations and professional poster sessions that highlight student learning online and in the classroom.

The morning sessions conclude with a buffet lunch and a keynote presentation by a nationally recognized academic professional.

Keynote presenters from previous Showcase events include:

  • Ken Bain
  • Dee Fink
  • Saundra McGuire
  • Christy Price
  • Thomas Tobin
  • Bryan Dewsbury