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August 14, 2024

39th Faculty Showcase on Teaching & Learning

Plaster Student Union, Third Floor

8:00 AM

Information Desk Opens
Breakfast & Coffee Available!
Lisa Blue
This Year's Keynote Speaker and MSU Alum!
Dr. Lisa Blue, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Keynote Workshop:  8:15 AM - 9:45 AM  Ballroom East
  • Keynote Luncheon:  Noon - 1:30 PM  Ballroom West

Dr. Lisa Blue currently works as a Generative AI and Education Innovator through her role as an Instructional Specialist in the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning at Eastern Kentucky University where she has been a pioneer in promoting the informed and effective use of AI in educational settings. Dr. Blue played a key role in the successful launch of a multi-state symposium, "Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education" and founded the "Monthly Spark Talks," which have drawn international attention, media coverage, and led to regular invitations to speak at prestigious events like the Commonwealth Computational Summit. 

8:15 AM - 9:45 AM. Workshops








Just the Basics:  Getting Started with Brightspace

This session is focused on supporting faculty in meeting the MSUs minimal use policy for the new LMS: D2L Brightspace. You are encouraged to bring your own device and follow along. 


  • Log in and navigate to their courses on Brightspace. 
  • Create a module and upload their course syllabus. 
  • Use communication tools within the Brightspace platform. 
  • Set up a gradebook for their course.


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Introducing the New Curricular System: Curriculog

PSU 315

-New Curriculum System:  Curriculog-

This session will provide a sneak peek of the functionality and design of the new curricular system built specifically for curriculum management in higher education.


· preview the new curricular system screens and forms

· learn about the importance of the catalog integration with the curricular system

· learn about available upcoming training opportunities

· view the transition plan for moving from CAW (Curricular Action Workflow) to Curriculog


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10:00 AM - 10:50 AM Faculty Presentations

Special Session:  Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Zhiguo Yang

Dr. Zhiguo Yang, Information Technology & Cybersecurity

Understanding Impacts of Generative AI on Knowledge Work

This special session focuses on understanding Generative AI and its impacts on knowledge work. It covers hot topics such as the new normal with GAI, concerns about job replacement, incorporating GAI for productivity boosts, and the exacerbation of misinformation. Dr. Yang has been recognized in MSUs Minds Eye for his work on generative artificial intelligence.  


  • explain generative AI from a knowledge tool perspective.  
  • analyze their own work and optimally apply generative AI. 

Moderator: Jason Speer, FCTL Advisory Council, College of Business 

PSU 313

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11:00 AM - 11:50 AM Faculty Presentations

Special Session:  Teaching Excellence Award Winners
PSU 313

This is a unique opportunity to learn from MSU faculty members who have been recognized for their distinguished teaching.  This year’s award winners will be sharing strategies they use in their own teaching practice through 4 unique mini sessions.  

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Noon - 1:30 PM   Keynote Luncheon

Ballroom West
Lisa Blue

Dr. Lisa Blue, Eastern Kentucky University

Navigating Quills to Quanta

Knowledge work is consistently challenged with technological advances that expand the limits of possibility, often pushing us into new territories before we're fully comfortable with them.

To avoid languishing in this liminal space, we must work together to actively reimagine how our scholarship, teaching, and service must evolve to remain relevant while preparing students for a rapidly evolving workplace.

Join us for our keynote address to hear from pioneering Missouri State University faculty who are using Generative AI to revolutionize their work.

Featured MSU 'AI Pioneers' 

  • Zhiguo Yang, Information Technology & Cybersecurity
  • Ximena Uribe-Zarain, Special Education, Leadership, & Professional Studies
  • John Turner, English
  • Daniela Novotny, Public Health & Sports Medicine
  • Isabelle Bauman, Communication, Media, Journalism, and Film

We hope you leave feeling inspired and encouraged, with new connections to guide you as we navigate the most impactful technological leap yet.

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