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August 14, 2024

Showcase on Teaching & Learning

Plaster Student Union, Third Floor

Each fall, the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning hosts the Showcase on Teaching and Learning to highlight effective teaching and learning practices implemented by faculty across Missouri State University. The showcase presents a unique opportunity for faculty to gain insight and perspectives on classroom teaching and student learning through a variety of seminars and workshops focused on faculty members sharing their own experiences with implementing research/evidence based best practices in their own work.   

The event features multiple concurrent presentations to showcase effective teaching practices leading to student learning.  When attending Showcase sessions, participants will likely encounter:  

  • Faculty reflections on implementing research/evidence based teaching and learning strategies/practices
  • Presentations of Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) projects and/or publications
  • Sharing of innovative and/or emerging teaching & learning research and/or methodologies being developed by MSU faculty 
  • Discussions about high - interest/relevant educational topics, such as Artificial Intelligence, Hyflex modalities, student-centered learning, inclusive teaching, faculty burn-out, sustainability, etc...
  • Institutional updates and/or information
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing among faculty of all ranks
  • Recognition of faculty achievements in teaching
  • Evidence of faculty engaging in a continuous improvmeent process
  • Opportunities for networking and building relationships

Event Schedule - Coming Spring 2024!


Past Showcases