FCTL Advisory Council

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council

Purpose: To support the FCTL’s general mission and to advise the FCTL Director and staff on services and programs supporting faculty in their roles as teachers, learners, and scholars. A council member is selected from each college.

2021 - 2022 Council Membership
College Council Member
Leslie Echols - Advisory Council Chair McQueary College of Health & Human Services, Psychology
Jessica Bennett College of Library Sciences
Bryan Brinkman CHPA, Instructor/Per Course Representative
Brett Garland College of Humanities & Public Affairs, Criminology
Seth Hoelscher College of Business, Finance and Risk Management
Helena Metzker College of Natural Applied Sciences, Chemistry
Sarah Nixon College of Education, Reading Foundations & Technology
Arbindra Rimal College of Agriculture, Agricultural Business
John Turner Reynolds College of Arts & Letter, English
Jianjie Wang McQueary College of Health Human Services, Biomedical Sciences

Ex-officio Members:

Nancy Gordon: Director, FCTL
Eric Nelson: FCTL Faculty Mentor
Judith Martinez: Provost Fellow for Diversity
Chris Craig: Deputy Provost
John Jasinski: Interim Provost
Jonathan Newman: Provost Fellow for Faculty Writing
Chris Herr: Faculty Senate Chair
Mike Hudson: Faculty Senate Chair-elect
Julia Cottrell: Assessment of Student Learning
Stacy Rice: FCTL Senior Instructional Designer

Important Dates:

Curriculum Innovation Call for Proposals opens September 2022; Closes October 31, 2022
Teaching Awards Nominations opens November 15; Closes January 21, 2022
Showcase Call for Proposals opens February 14, 2022; Closes March 25, 2022

Terms of Service:

The FCTL Advisory Council is comprised of the following voting members: FCTL Fellow who serves as Chair; eight (8) ranked faculty members, each representing their college and named by their respective Deans; one (1) instructor/per-course faculty representative; two (2) Provost Fellows, named by the Provost; FCTL Faculty Mentor; and the Chair and Chair-Elect of the Faculty Senate. The FCTL Fellow/Chair serves a three-year term and faculty representatives serve two-year terms. Representatives from the Faculty Senate, FCTL Faculty Mentors, and other Provost Fellows are appointed on a yearly basis.

Ex-officio non-voting members include the Director and other staff members of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning; the Provost and the Deputy Provost; and representative from the Assessment of Student Learning office.