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Teaching & Learning Faculty Fellows

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) Faculty Fellows program provides an opportunity for faculty members to partner with the faculty center to promote excellence in teaching and learning at Missouri State.  Fellows lead initiatives and contribute to projects centered around supporting faculty career development by providing peer mentorship, promoting scholarly teaching practices, supporting faculty engagement in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and leading faculty learning communities (FLCs)

Examples of FCTL Faculty Fellows Activities

  • Serving as a change agent by increasing awareness of, developing and promoting resources for,  and supporting faculty development in teaching and learning initiatives across campus. 
  • Leading a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) based on special interests.
  • Designing and facilitating single-session or multi-session faculty development programs.
  • Organizing and facilitating faculty reading groups and book studies around special topics.
  • Facilitating academic writing groups or retreats to promote faculty learning related to teaching and learning initiatives and/or development of scholarly teaching practices.
  • Developing resources or other materials that support faculty in scholarly teaching.
  • Peer observations and mentorship.
  • Providing input and advice to the FCTL on faculty development needs and professional learning.

The FCTL is seeking Faculty Fellows in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Course Design 
  • Early career faculty
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
  • Special interest or research area of the Faculty Fellows choosing (must be in support of the FCTL’s mission and faculty career development).

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Meet the Teaching & Learning Faculty Fellows

Dr. Leslie Echols Leadership & Learning

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Area of Appointment:  Leadership & Learning 

Dr. Echols is from McQueary College of Health & Human Services' School of Mental Health and Behaviroal Sciences.  She is currently serving a 3-year fellowship term with the FCTL.  Dr. Echols has served in a leadership role on the FCTL Advisory  Council, worked as a liasion for guest speakers, and has developed and facilitated two faculty learning communities (FLCs). Dr. Echol was part of the faculty team involved in bringing the FCTL FLC structure to MSU.  

Dr. Echol's is currently being spotlighted as a member of the Faculty Lounge with her podcast on Small Teaching.

Dr. Isabelle Bauman Inclusion(Mental Health)

New Fellow

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Area of Appointment:  Inclusion 

Dr. Bauman is an Associate Professor from Reynolds College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities where she has been teaching and serving within the Dpartment of Communication, Media, Journalism, & Film for 26 years. 

In addition to a extensive discipline-specific body of work, Dr. Bauman has contributed directly to the field of teaching and learning through multiple articles, presentations, and service assignments, including work in areas such as classroom strategies/activities, dialectic approaches, intercultural classrooms, academic integrity, student engagement, and curriculum.  

The focus of Dr. Bauman's fellowship will be bringing awareness to issues of mental health in the classroom to the campus.  She will be developing resources and leading a faculty learning community pertaining to mental health health in the classroom.  

Dr. Jennifer LaPrade Experiential Learning

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Area of Appointment:  Experiential Learning

Dr. LaPrade is a faculty member from the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice where she teaches courses in criminology and research methods within the Reynolds College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities

In addition to teaching courses, Dr. LaPrade is involved in research on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in Missouri Courts.  She has experience with developing and implementing experiential learning structures and strategies to increase student engagement in learning.  

During her fellowship, Dr. LaPrade will be: 

  • Creating resources to support faculty in increasing awareness and use of experiential learning strategies within their own courses. 
  • Facilitating a Faculty Learning Community (FLC)
  • Championing the use of experiential learning across the campus. 
  • Engaging in continous improvement processes to adapt and improve faculty supports and services.  

Helena Metzker Active Learning

New Fellow!

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Area of Appointment:  Active Learning 

Helena is a faculty member from the Department of Chemisty & Biochemistry where she teaches chemistry within the College of Natural & Applied Sciences. 

In addition to teaching chemistry, Helena is pursuing a PH.D. in Instructional Design and Technology. 

Helena brings a vision for supporting faculty collaborations, scholarly teaching, and course design.

Helena's fellowship will focus on the use of technology for promoting active learning for students.  

Throughout her fellowship, she plans to: 

  • Create faculty resources (guides, tutorials, templates) to develop faculty awareness and use of active learning strategies to promote student engagement in learning.  
  • Facilitate a Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs)
  • Promote scholarly teaching practices
  • Engage in continuous improvement processes to adapt and improve faculty services and support. 
Prior FCTL Teaching & Learning Fellow Appointments

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