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Dr Kristen Harper
Strategies for Connected & Engaged Learning

Join us in the Faculty Lounge as Dr. Harper shares about using multisensory experiences to engage students in active learning by connecting new learning to prior knowledge through engaging and relevant learning experiences. 

Dr. Harper reports seeing increases to the quality of student work and content recognition on assessment as benefits of implementing research-based strategies to engage students in learning.


Examples of Strategies Shared 

  • High-yield Instructional Strategies
    • identifying similarities and differences
    • small group discussion
  • Engagement Strategies
    • choice & flexibility
    • novelty
    • personal relevance
    • learning with others
  • Classroom Management Strategies 
    • transitions through cueing and pacing   

Dr Joseph Williams
High Impact Practices

Dr. Joe Williams, Assistant Professor from the Biomedical Sciences Department shares strategies for engaging students in higher-order thinking by intentionally embedding Bloom’s Taxonomy and study-based metacognitive strategies into active student interactions. 

Resources Discussed in Podcast


Bloom's Taxonomy




The FCTL is seeking podcast guests for the following topics!


  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Communicating Expecations
  • High Impact Practices
  • Promoting Engagement
  • Evaluating Effectiveness of Instruction
  • Course statements & Policies
  • Academic Integrity
  • Student Data & Privacy
  • Other?

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