Curriculum Innovation Funding

The Call for the 2020-2021 Curriculum Innovation Grant Proposals is now closed.

Curriculum Innovation Grants: Award limits of up to $4,000 per grant application.  Proposals smaller than the $4,000 award limit are encouraged to apply.

Categories for Proposals:

  1. Creating high-impact practices that enhance student learning.
    High-impact practices, or HIPs are active learning teaching practices that promote deep learning and student engagement as measured by the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE). Priority will be given to proposals that address items in MSU’s institutional report that indicate target areas for improvement (i.e., student or instructor performance below comparable institution) including but not limited to student participation, self-regulated learning, and instructor feedback.

Resources to explore:
NESSE 2019 Data
ACUE Developing Self-Directed Learners
AAC&U Creative Thinking VALUE Rubric
The K. Patricia Cross Academy

  1. Incorporating inclusive teaching practices that advance diverse perspectives and classroom inclusion.
    Proposals should emphasize inclusive teaching practices that ensure all students can fully participate in the learning process and practices that will help students develop a deeper awareness of diversity in all its forms.  Proposals can focus on inclusive teaching practices (development of self) or incorporating course content and activities that advance students’ understanding of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence (development of student).

Resources to explore:
NSSE 2019 Data
ACUE Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit 

Long-Range Plan: Diversity and Inclusion
Division for Diversity and Inclusion

Proposals should include how these practices can be accomplished in an online learning environment and as well as during times of relevant changes and uncertainty like the Coronavirus Pandemic, racial equality protests, or other socioeconomic issues.

These categories are in support of strategic goals and priorities outlined in the university’s 2016-2021 Long-Range Plan and the Action Plan for 2021-2022.

Deadline October 31, 2020

Available Funding

Curriculum Innovation Awards will provide funding of up to $4,000. An itemized budget summary of projected expenses is part of the application process.  Budgets smaller than the $4,000 award limit are encouraged.


Any faculty member is eligible to apply.  Faculty may apply individually or as a team of faculty. Per course instructors and adjuncts can submit a proposal as long as they collaborate with at least one full-time faculty member. Faculty members will not be funded for more than one project per funding cycle.

Application Process and Deadlines

Proposals should include:

  1. Summary with research question or goal statement (whichever is most appropriate for your proposal.
  2. Learning outcomes and a description of the practices or methodologies you will be utilizing.
  3. Narrative of course deliverables or what will be produced through this funding. Proposals must describe how high-impact practices or diversity will be implemented into your teaching. As appropriate proposals should also discuss considerations for making deliverables available to all students regardless of ability or physical location.
  4. Assessment plan describing how student learning from these activities will be assessed or how the proposed project will be evaluated.
  5. An itemized budget summary of projected expenses. Budgets smaller than the $4,000 award limit are encouraged. Applicants are encouraged to utilize departmental resources as feasible; submitting for items critical to the success of the project.

Curriculum Innovation proposals should be submitted electronically to the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. Please include in the subject line of your email: CI Proposal_“your last name” and email to
Proposals should be submitted no later than October 31, 2020.

Sharing Results and Outcomes

Successful recipients are expected to share the results of their project through an interactive poster session or a faculty presentation presented at Showcase on Teaching and Learning. This event is held annual in August, the week prior to the start of fall semester. Curriculum Innovation recipients should present within three years of receiving the award.

Download application and proposal template
(You need Microsoft Word to view and print this document.)

Download Budget Summary Form
(You need Microsoft Excel to access this file.)

Application Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Council.  Award recipients will be notified by the middle of November, 2020.

The attached Evaluation Rubric details the criteria that will be used to award Curriculum Innovation projects.

Download Evaluation Rubric
(You need Microsoft Word to view and print this document.)