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To support MSU faculty through the system-wide transition from Blackboard to Brightspace, the FCTL will be hosting Faculty-Lead Learning Communities (FLCs) facilitated by Brightspace Early Adopters throughout Spring 2024.  

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Brain with a stethoscope attached representing mental health
Lunch & Book Provided
An Approach to Learning & Mental Health in the College Classroom
This FLC will explore ways that mental health issues enter classrooms and impact teaching and student learning and design practices and asessments sensitive to student needs.

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line of people representing inclusion
Book Provided!
Critical & Inclusive Methodology Working Group
This is a year-long FLC beginning Spring 2024.

Join a vibrant community of researchers who are currently using or seeking to use critical inclusive methods in their research! 

This FLC provides a space for faculty and researchers to learn about and apply critical and inclusive methodologies. Participants receive a copy of  "Understanding Critical Race Research Methods and Methodologies:  Lessons from the Field" (DeCuir-Gunby, Chapman, & Schutz, 2019). 

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laptop on a table with a cup of coffee and a notebook
Lunch Provided
Faculty Writing Retreats
The Faculty Writing Retreat  is a year long faculty community devoted to promoting collegiality to support faculty writing productivity.

Regularly scheduled writing blocks increase productivity and publishing rates. 

This is a year long community meeting Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

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six match sticks with one lit 3 burnt and 2 new
Book Provided
Reigniting the Flame: Unraveling Faculty Burnout
This faculty learning community brings together professors across disciplines to collaboratively explore strategies for recognizing, coping with, and preventing faculty burnout.  We will read "Unraveling Faculty Burnout," use shared readings, have peer discussions, and develop individualized self-care plans. 

This FLC provides resources and a community for professors to conquer burnout and thrive.

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book cover small teaching
Book Included
Small Teaching
The Small Teaching FLC is based on Jim Lang's book, "Small Teaching", which offers easy to implement research-based strategies for promoting student learning.

This FLC will provide faculty the opportunity to engage in an in-depth study of the book along with dedicated time and support for implementing small changes in instruction.


Sustainability Fellows 2023
Sustainability Fellows

Breakfast or Lunch Provided!

The Sustainability Fellows Program at Missouri State University is a learning community for faculty, staff, and students dedicated to advancing sustainability efforts at MSU.  One goal of the program is to foster a shared understanding of sustainability and to recognize how the pillars of sustainability can be integrated into discipline-specific learning across disciplines.

This FLC requires an application.  If interested in the Sustainability Fellows Experience, contact:

Image Credit:  Paige Tieken

For more information about how to join the Sustainability Fellows, Contact:

Book Provided
Wednesday Writing Circle
This faculty learning community exists to increase scholarly productivity, develop a scholarly community,  facilitate the development of a culture of learning, and promote faculty leadership, collaboration, and collegiality across disciplines among faculty at MSU.

This is a year long community meeting Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.

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Suggestions for FLC topics: 
  • Artificial Intelligence for Teaching & Learning
  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  • High Impact Practices
  • Contemporary Instructional Delivery
  • Active Learning
  • Student Centered Pedagogy
  • Meeting Student Needs
  • Building Relationships & Culture
  • Inclusive Teaching Practices

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