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Practices for Supporting Student Mental Health & Well-Being
Accumulating a Set of Best Practices for Promoting and Protecting Student Mental Health and Well-Being in the Classroom
This Faculty Learning Community focuses on developing a set of best practices for faculty, to promote and protect students’ mental health and well-being in their classrooms. 

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Aging Across the Disciplines
Make time to explore how the process of aging, extended life-expectancy, and a 5-generational society relates to your specific field of study and get ready to share your discoveries with your students.

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Book Provided!
Critical & Inclusive Methodology Working Group
This is a year-long FLC beginning Spring 2024.

Join a vibrant community of researchers who are currently using or seeking to use critical inclusive methods in their research! 

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Active Learning
Dynamic Teaching: Leveraging Technology for Active Engagement
This community is dedicated to exploring and integrating digital tools and innovative strategies to foster active, engaged learning environments.

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Experiential Learning: Learning by Doing in University Courses
This community will explore the benefits of experiential teaching and will help teachers of any subject explore how experiential learning can be applied to their material.

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Lunch Provided
Faculty Writing Retreats
The Faculty Writing Retreat  is a year long faculty community devoted to promoting collegiality to support faculty writing productivity.

Regularly scheduled writing blocks increase productivity and publishing rates. 

This is a year long community meeting Fall 2024 & Spring 2025

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Institutionalizing Civic Engagement at Missouri State
“Institutionalizing Civic Engagement at Missouri State University” intends to establish a collaborative multi-disciplinary team to continue ongoing effort to create a culture of civic engagement on campus within the framework of our public affairs mission.

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The Creative Campus: Arts Integration and Interdisciplinary Innovation
Welcome! This is a community dedicated to the convivial exploration of arts-integrated research and pedagogy

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Sustainability Fellows 2023
Sustainability Fellows

Breakfast or Lunch Provided!

The Sustainability Fellows Program at Missouri State University is a learning community for faculty, staff, and students dedicated to advancing sustainability efforts at MSU.  One goal of the program is to foster a shared understanding of sustainability and to recognize how the pillars of sustainability can be integrated into discipline-specific learning across disciplines.

This FLC requires an application.  If interested in the Sustainability Fellows Experience, contact:

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For more information about how to join the Sustainability Fellows, Contact:

Artificial Intelligence
TeachGPT: AI Integration in the Classroom
TeachGPT: AI Integration in the Classroom is an interactive Faculty Learning Community (FLC) at Missouri State University, dedicated to the innovative integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into college teaching. 

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Book Provided
Wednesday Writing Circle
This faculty learning community exists to increase scholarly productivity, develop a scholarly community,  facilitate the development of a culture of learning, and promote faculty leadership, collaboration, and collegiality across disciplines among faculty at MSU.

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Teaching & Learning
  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  • High Impact Practices
  • Contemporary Instructional Delivery
  • Active Learning
  • Student Centered Pedagogy
  • Meeting Student Needs
  • Building Relationships & Culture
  • Inclusive Teaching Practices

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