Steinway Initiative

At Missouri State, all music students—not just piano majors—must learn to play the piano. We are committed to having students learn, practice, and perform on the highest quality pianos available—Steinways. The Steinway Initiative seeks to replace the Music Department's aging inventory of pianos with Steinways and Steinway products. Because Steinway pianos are the choice of 98% of professional pianists, we are committed to providing our piano majors, in particular, with the top tools of their chosen profession. Becoming an all-Steinway school makes a strong statement about quality and professionalism. It will help us recruit, nationally and internationally, and in addition to making our students very happy, will have a positive effect on Missouri State's reputation.

To learn more

For more information, contact the music department by calling 417-836-5648.

To donate

Make a donation by calling the Missouri State University Foundation at 417-836-4143.