Scholarships and Financial Aid

Explore your scholarship opportunities in Music at Missouri State

The music department offers a number of scholarships specifically for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a music-related degree. These scholarships are designed to support your studies at Missouri State and reward excellence in both the classroom and the community. The scholarships offer qualifying students the opportunity to make the affordable excellence of Missouri State even more affordable. View each scholarship listed below for more information about application requirements and award details.

Other Aid Opportunities

You may qualify for University scholarships. The Office of Financial Aid provides information about University scholarships, grants and loans. Most scholarships at Missouri State University, including those designated for accounting students, require the submission of a completed Missouri State scholarship application. Details about additional materials are included in the descriptions below.

Financial need is often considered in the awarding of scholarships, and is determined solely by your Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA).

Financial aid for graduate students 

Learn more about specific opportunities for graduate students, including graduate assistantships. 

SOME SCHOLARSHIPS REQUIRE AUDITIONS: Please note that many of the scholarships for current students require a special audition with the Music Faculty Scholarship Committee. These auditions are held in the spring of each year and application forms are distributed to current students shortly before spring break. You may receive the application material for auditions by calling 417-836-5649 or email