Vocal Performance Track

Student singing

Hone your vocal talent and develop your overall musical skills

While studying vocal performance at Missouri State, you will have the opportunity to be an active performer in a chorus, choral ensemble or as part of an opera or musical while also receiving focused, often one-on-one vocal training. You can develop your voice while singing in a variety of genres and styles. The program will also round out your musical training with extensive courses in music theory and other aspects of the discipline. You will also have multiple performance opportunities and a chance to prepare for further studies in a graduate program.

The vocal performance focus consists of 52-53 hours in addition to the core requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree:

  1. Advanced Music History/Literature (5-6 hours) select from: MUS 523(2), 524(2), 543(3), 544(3), 545(3), 546(3), 547(3), 548(2)
  2. Advanced Music Theory (6 hours) select from: MUS 313(2), 314(2), 315(2), 327(2), 328(2)
  3. Large Ensembles (8 hours) as determined by audition, full-time students shall be in one of the following choral ensembles each semester until graduation. Select from: MUS 162(1), 262(1), 362(1), 462(1); MUS 165(1), 265(1), 365(1), 465(1); MUS 168(1), 268(1), 368(1), 468(1)
  4. Small Ensembles (4 hours): MUS 172(1), 193(1), 272(1), 372(1), 472(1)
  5. Pedagogy (2 hours): MUS 530(2)
  6. Applied Music (21 hours), must include MUS 398(2-4) and MUS 498(2-4)
  7. Foreign Language (6 additional hours in a language other than that used in the Music Core) select from: French, German, Italian