Music (General)

Your music and your other interests  your forte

If you’re passionate about music but have professional goals outside our education, composition and performance programs, our general music degree will prepare you for a career without limits. You’ll enjoy guidance from our expert faculty, opportunities to perform in one of our celebrated ensembles and access to our performance halls and state-of-the-art recording studio.

Degree options

The general music program offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Both degrees are non-comprehensive, which means that you'll also complete a minor or a second major. 

This structure allows you to customize your music degree to your educational and professional goals. 

Gives you a broad, liberal arts education. Complete courses in language, history, philosophy and the fine arts.
Pursue greater specialization in music and your minor of choice.

Program information 

Get admitted to the program with an audition.

Explore other degree options 

Learn more about other paths you can pursue while studying music at Missouri State, including performance, interdisciplinary programs and minors.