Double Reed Day

  • Drs. Cynthia Green Libby and J. Keel Williams to provide instruction

  • Ensemble performance is planned for 2PM on Double Reed Day

  • Double reed musicians grades 7-12 are invited, along with parents and the public

Come to a fun-filled Saturday workshop for oboe and bassoon players in grades 7-12. Missouri State Professor Cynthia Green Libby (oboe) and Keel Williams (bassoon) will provide students with informative advice on playing oboe and bassoon, and coach district contest solos.

  • Double reed ensemble performances will be held at 2PM.
  • Lunch will be supervised in the Plaster Student Union.
    • Bring at least $6 for lunch.
  • All parents and the public are invited.

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Dr. Cynthia Green Libby

Oboe, Music Theory, Woodwind Methods, Introduction to Music and Healing; Teaching: MUS 103/104, MUS 142, MUS 155-755, MUS 172-772, MUS 239, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 309, MUS 399, MUS 538/638